Saturday, March 10, 2007


feeling bad in an i don't know why kinda way. hating everyone. i don't even think i have pms so i don't know what it is.

i want to get the fuck away. and be alone and sulk. that's not true but it's easiest.

i started thinking about how i should get irish citizenship so then i could go to ireland or anywhere in europe and live and work there and have adventures. except i'm worried that i'm too lame these days to have decent adventures.

i ate 4 cadbury cream eggs today.

my fucking teeth hurt really bad at random times during the day and i'm worried my dentist did something wrong and i will have to go back.

my cats are too needy. they crawl all over me incessantly.

had a long drawn-out nightmare last night and can't really even find the words to explain it- it was so abstract but i was so stressed out during it i woke up in a pool of sweat twice. disgusting.

i don't feel like getting up and going into the basement and putting the towels in the dryer.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

dear blue cross blue shield


ohhhhhhh i am so fucking angry i cannot handle it- i want to go on a fucking murderous rampage... i don't even have the energy to explain how fucked up they are being. i have to write them a goddamned letter now so i can wait an additional 3 million fucking years for someone to NEVER call me back and explain to me how i am not getting reimbursed for all the fucking money i've spent since august. those fucks.

hmm what else. i have watched a shitload of movies lately. i saw zodiac friday night along with 857 other people. it was pretty good, altho it would have been better if it had ended like around the 2 hour mark (2hrs, 40 min). i love robert downey jr in anything he does really. and the story was interesting and all. it was just that the suspense died off at some point and you are left shifting back and forth in yer chair waiting for it to end. and i guess going into it KNOWING that the whole thing was unsolved kinda spoils it at some point because you know you're not going to be all surprised and impressed in the end when they piece it all together because you know they never did.

then the next night i saw black snake moan. that's right, you heard me. my god. all i knew going into it was that samuel l jackson and christina ricci were in it and that he chains her to his radiator and i thought, ok, why not? then i found out why not. oh HAHA and justin timberlake is in it too. but oh man i couldn't tell if it was gonna be any good or not at first and then at some point i just kinda realized it was a joke, and simply an excuse to watch christina ricci be all hot and pouty and writhe around half naked and stuff. which is fine and all if that's what you are into but i dunno, i just wanted a bit more out of a movie.

she basically wore the outfit seen above thru out the whole thing. the plot was that she was the southern drunk wild slut whose boyfriend (jt) goes off into the military so she immediately starts sluttin it up and all. then she gets beat up and dumped on the side of the road and sam l finds her and carries her around and takes her home and saves her and chains her to his radiator and is determined to cure her from her slutty ways. so she writhes around and crawls on the ground a lot and has these "spells" of sluttiness which is a huge problem for her.

HAHA so we just laughed throughout the whole thing and made "come on, are you serious?" faces and made fun of the lone guy sitting in front of us who was WAY into it, knodding his head to the music and leaning forward in his seat and going home immediately after the movie to blow a load.

here is a picture of christina ricci being helpless and female and sam l being all old and soothing and teaching her how to not be a slut by playing the blues.