Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

dont try to make it meaning

i once dreamt of a time when we were ours, not just mine
and the dried drips in the plaster wall hold my gaze, unwavering
my eyes shift there again, searching
trying not to see the work i have layed out
in my periphery
and the band marches on
never slowing, never stops
as we crouch behind our snowfort, waiting
bring it on, we got rocks

Saturday, February 17, 2007

flute beatboxer

i am sick. i haven't taken a shower yet or brushed my teeth today. i have been sleeping all day and i keep waking up in a pool of sweat so i change my drenched shirt and fall back in bed. it sucks. i need a shower i feel gross. the enormous pile of dishes in the sink is driving me mad but i don't haave the energy to go near it.

OH i watched the science of sleep last night. it was so so good i knew it would be.

i don't think i got anything else. earlier when i was sitting here every time i moved my head it sounded like there were parts crunching together in my temples. it was a noise i didn't expect to hear coming from the inside of my head. it was with the rhythm of my pulse.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

i will be an amazing nurse

so i am in nursing school and on thursdays and fridays we go to the hospital and they let us work with real live people and stuff. this is only like my 3rd clinical rotation (didn't that sound professional just now? clinical rotation. i am such a medical professional now), so it is still kinda intimidating and all.

anyway, last friday when i was there i had this patient who was about my dad's age with a hip replacement. i was getting him some supplies together so he could brush his teeth. little sample toothpaste, little cheap-o toothbrush, little green bottle of... mouthwash.

i was emptying his urinal or something in the bathroom when i hear, "HON, this AIN'T MOUTHWASH!"

my face gets all hot and i am all OH NO what did i do- I POISONED HIM. i come out and he holds up the little green bottle that looked JUST LIKE a little green bottle of mouthwash like the kind they had at the last hospital and i read it and it is LIQUID SOAP that he had just swished around in his mouth. and i don't even know what to say because at this moment i am realizing what an idiot thing to do that was and luckily for me he starts laughing at me, which i figure is a lot better than being pissed.

a few hours later his girlfriend is there asking me questions about school and stuff and says something like, "well you sure are doing a good job" and then he says, "YEAH EXCEPT FOR THE MOUTHWASH!...HAHA LOOK HOW RED SHE'S TURNIN!" as he points at me.

eh it could've been worse i figure.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

there is something important that i need to bring to your attention

THIS:the art of ornithological dejecta


you're welcome.

naked ballerina

can i just tell you about the crazy dream i had last night??? i am not making this up. why do i always feel the need to clarify that? i guess because i used to be a liar.

so i dreamt that i was shopping for ballet shoes. this took up a large chunk of dream time, i do not know why. i was drying to decide, pink or black? and they were like $70 and i couldn't find a pair i could try on because they were all in these sealed packages.

THEN fast forward to me at my parents house agonizing about the fact that the ballet performance that i am in (oh, not to mention that i am the LEAD BALLERINA, if there is such a thing) is coming on tv soon and i can't let my parents see it because i am naked in it. yes. and i am flipping thru the channels and it is on every single channel, it is that important. and my parents are telling me, "oh we are going to watch the ballet performance!" and they don't know i am in it (or that all of a sudden i am an accomplished ballerina). and it is at this moment that i have to explain to them that I AM A BALLERINA NOW and not only that, but I AM THE LEAD BALLERINA in this performance and oh, also, i would prefer that they didn't watch it because I AM NAKED during the performance.

seriously. this is the dream i had last night. and i know it all somehow stemmed from yesterday when i was working with the mobile vet that i work for once a week and we were at this retirement home drawing blood from this old lady's cats and she had a NEW YORK BALLET poster on her wall and i was looking at it and it reminded me of my little best friend i had growing up who was a ballerina. she had a similar poster in her room when we were little. we both took ballet lessons when we were like 5 or 6 and she actually stuck with it and almost went pro at one point. she was the one who stuck with school and always did really well and had extra-curricular activities while i was discovering the fantastic world of drugs. she went off to NYU and now lives in ROME and has always made the right that was a tangent, huh? anyway, i know that ballet poster inspired my dream is what i was saying.

p.s. KALI you were in it too NO JOKE- you were also a ballerina, just not the lead, sorry.

Monday, February 5, 2007

my name is meel

rayman raving rabbits is the best game ever. i don't have the wii, but that is what friends are for. i'm babysitting my favorite little friend right now and his favorite thing to do is watch people play the game. i was getting something to eat and he was in the living room screaming "MEEL! MEEL!" (what he calls me) and when i came in he grabbed the wii controller and handed it to me and said "bunnies?" so i played for about 20 minutes and turned around and saw he was asleep. SCORE! i take him upstairs and he stays asleep while i change his diaper and put his pjs on and AS SOON AS I LAY HIM DOWN of course he wakes up so i have to go through the whole read a story tucking in process. it's cool though we are tight like that.