Friday, November 30, 2007

here are some things to think about

yes i made this and submitted it to i can has cheezburger yes i know i need some fresh air. it started off as a joke and escaladed into obsession...

a collection of terrifying and mysterious found babydolls.

this is what they do.

more cat pictures by popular demand.

red trees in the mcneighborhood.

i need this bumper sticker.


the WHAT of the lord?


Maat B' Oenito said...

Nice Jo Shot!

Maat B' Oenito said...

In reference to "the comming" of the lord:

Way back when, virgin wives would be escorted off to the temple on their wedding night. The priest would produce a large phallic totem which he would lubricate with a substance called "chisolm" that served as a lubricant. He would then simulate sex with the bride and the holy item so that the first born could be said to be a "son of god" since it was the holy item that deflowered her.

The original word chisolm has since evolved through history into the the worm "jism" in reference to the lunbricant, and "Christ" in reference to the "first born son of God".

Word entomology is so much fun!

I did try to find a good link to back me up but, as you can imagine, it's not the kind of thing that pops up right away when you google any search with the word "jesus" in it.

murl said...

this is good to know.

kalipornia said...

i used to have the biggest crush on jo polniaczek